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Chain Driven 2.5" Roller Conveyor
AEC can install complete NorthAmCon motor chain conveyor systems on time and on budget. This system has a 2.5” roller that uses a sprocket to drive force to adjacent rollers via drive chain. They are ideal for any heavyweight product handling application including pallets and skids, appliances, heavier manufacturing, package handling, automotive, tires, mounted on AGVs and integrated into OEM equipment. Call our experts to discuss your specific application.
Call our experts to discuss your specific application.
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Motor Driven Chain Roller, 2.5” Roller Specs
  • RC40, RC50, RC60 chain drive method
  • Load maximum up to 3000 lbs., 1000 lbs. on curves
  • Between frame widths – 13″ to 54″
  • Speed (Ft/minute) – 7 to 60
  • Roller chains require lubrication
  • Curve inside radius – 48”
  • Powder coat finishes
AEC Advantages
  • Free design consultation – CAD layouts
  • Preventative maintenance contacts
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Power savings audits
  • Onsite training
  • Installation & electrical controls and programming
  • Temporary wall structures during installation
  • Custom designs & requests welcomed
  • Conveyor experts since 1929
24V Conveyor Advantages
  • Real energy savings – true run on demand
  • Modular components –fast easier installs, easier upgrades
  • Space saving – less transmission components
  • Quiet, low-noise operation at variable speeds
  • Reduced maintenance  through reduced parts, easier roller replacement
  • True zero pressure accumulation
  • No motor starters and control cabinets
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Why 24V?
Special Solutions
AEC offers a variety of specialized conveyors and accessories, designed to meet the specific needs of many unique material handling applications.
NorthAmCon Conveyors for Special Applications

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