Fire, Military & Police Gear Lockers

Fire, Military & Police Gear Lockers
AEC offers a complete line of ventilated storage lockers specifically for fire stations, police stations and military storage.
AEC offers military gear lockers, fire station storage lockers, and police gear lockers including custom design and installation services. Our industrial storage locker line includes lockers for police guns, military foot lockers and fire gear of all types.

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Fire, Police & Military Lockers
Locker Styles:
Gear and Turnout Lockers                  

Gear & Turnout Locker Types:
Knocked down series; Standard Duty, Finished appearance, Heavy duty, Heavy duty All-Welded type.
Locker Sizes:
Widths in 24", 30", 36", 42", & 48" Depth 24" Height 72"                  

Standard type, Cremone turn handle on gear lockers                    

6" base on welded lockers only
Storage Locker Options:
AEC offers ventilation options, fillers and trim for complete finished installations, heavy gauge row ends, handicap compliant accessories, keyed locks, padlock, combination locks, coin lock and electric lock options, 21 standard color options, and locker room benches.
Military, Police, and Fire Station Locker Features:
  • Complete locker installation services
  • Custom color offerings
  • Specialty locker variations and finishes of anti-graffiti paint
  • All welded locker designs for those heavy duty applications and ease of installation
  • Fully ventilated locker designs for maximum ventilation applications
Fire, Police & Military Lockers
Gear and Turnout Lockers
Plastic Storage Lockers
Athletic type, and Cubby type
Metal Storage Lockers
PENCO Steel & Metal Storage Lockers
School Lockers
Lockers for Schools, Gyms, Stadiums and Sports

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