Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Material Handling

Pharmaceutical processing facilities require sterile, controlled environments with precise temperature, humidity, and cleanliness to ensure product integrity and regulatory compliance. Material handling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry streamlines processes by facilitating the fast, clean, and safe transfer of materials. Work with Advanced Equipment Company can help you maintain the highest standards for your operation.
Pharmaceutical Industry Material Handling
Benefits of Material Handling Equipment For The Pharmaceutical Industry
Automated systems improve precision and timing, optimizing production flow, improving inventory management, and minimizing labor costs. Customized solutions also cater to specific needs, such as reducing contamination risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards, which contribute to cost-effectiveness and the integrity of pharmaceutical products.
We offer the following material handling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry:
  • Mezzanines create additional floor space for storage or equipment, maximizing vertical space in facilities.
  • Material Lifts safely carry goods between different levels, streamlining the movement of heavy or bulk items.
  • Industrial racks and shelving organize raw materials and finished products, improving inventory management.
  • Omni-craft conveyor belts allow for multidirectional transport, improving space utilization and handling flexibility.
  • Motor-driven conveyor belts automate the movement of materials, increasing production efficiency and reducing manual handling.
We can combine any of these products into systems optimized for your specific production requirements and help implement them in your processes.
The pharmaceutical industry requires material handling equipment to help streamline processes to ensure optimized performance, cleanliness, and safety. AEC's material handling equipment can be used within the pharmaceutical industry for a number of applications, such as:
  • Cleanroom environments need conveyors to transfer sterile products to prevent contamination from handling while moving from production to packaging.
  • Material lifts can also transport sensitive products to areas with high cleanliness or equipment contained in sterile environments, such as reactors and mixers.
  • Industrial shelving is essential for climate-controlled storage to maintain organization. It improves traceability and inventory management for raw compounds and medication. Mezzanines can provide additional clean areas for equipment used for processing or inspection that must be kept off the main production floor.
Standards and Compliance
Our pharmaceutical industrial material handling equipment can help your facility maintain safety and sanitation regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration, such as:
  • Good Manufacturing Practice: Ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards
  • The Prescription Drug Marketing Act: Governs the distribution of drug samples and prescription drug marketing
  • Drug Supply Chain Security Act: Requires tracking of prescription medication through the supply chain
  • Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: Gives the FDA authority over the safety of food, drugs, and cosmetics
These regulations cover the development, testing, manufacture, distribution, and post-market surveillance.
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Since 1929, Advanced Equipment Company has provided pharmaceutical industry material handling equipment to automate and sanitize the pharmaceutical workflow. Contact us today to discuss the design, engineering, and implementation of your improved material handling system.

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