OSHA Compliant - Removable Safety Rails

OSHA Compliant - Removable Safety Rails
SRC360 Mobile Rail
OSHA Compliant - Removable Safety Rails
The SRC360 Mobile Safety Rail is an American Made versatile removable safety rail solution that provides fall-protection safety in nearly any professional environment. Used primarily around rooftop leading edges, the SRC360 Mobile Safety Rail is all you need to achieve full OSHA and ANSI compliance. The rails pin into a multitude of base options without the need for penetration of any kind. Likewise, the components work in tandem with our warning line system, ladder guards, and self-closing safety gates to offer a total safety solution that fits all your facility rooftop needs.
We know eliminating exposure to the rooftop hazards is a priority for any facility so our team will meet with you on-site or virtually to help assess and configure your rooftop guardrail design.  From there we offer a full turn-key installation of the removable safety rails utilizing experienced installers available nationwide. 

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Our Installations are minimally invasive and require no downtime on site.  We work with your maintenance personnel to make sure we utilize multiple staging points on site as needed to protect the structural integrity of your facility.  We are proud to offer a superior installation with the most competitive lead times on the market.  
OSHA Compliant Portable Removable Safety Rails
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall protection. Tested and independently certified to be in accordance with OSHA fall protection for guardrail regulations, sections 1910.29 & 1926.500 1926.503.
  • Simple installation — prefabricated railing sections means no custom fabrication of guard rails.
  • Railing will be 42″ tall in the base. Railing length is available in 1-foot increments ranging from 2 feet to 10 feet, measured to the center of each leg.
  • Highly effective as hazard barriers. Commonly used for rooftop fall protection for equipment right next to the roof edge.

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