Wired Security Storage Lockers

Wire Partitions for Security Lockers & Cages

Security Lockers
When safety and security matter, let Advanced Equipment Company create wired security enclosures, partitions, and security storage lockers to help you reduce theft, protect inventory, restrict access, and increase safety. We have partnered with WireCrafters to provide creative solutions for safety, security, and storage needs in a wide array of applications, including warehouses, retail, data centers, law enforcement agencies, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. 

WireCrafters wired security partition systems are a flexible design system that uses stackable modular panels to help you create wired security storage lockers and wired security enclosures of all shapes and sizes. Simply stack the modular panels between tubular posts to quickly configure or reconfigure secured storage areas as needed. Also, our open but secure layout design allows for high visibility, unrestricted circulation of air, light, and heat, HVAC, and fire-suppression systems throughout any secured area. 

We offer both woven and welded wire mesh partitions using signature automated weaving techniques and mesh welding machines to produce high-quality security partitions at a cost-effective price. These come in a variety of finishes and colors so they as aesthetically pleasing as they are secure. 
The wire partition panels come in several different styles:
  • Style 840 Woven Wire Mesh - Wirecrafters signature wire mesh made from 10-gauge steel wire that can be used for almost any security partition application.
  • Woven Wire Mesh - Strongest, sturdiest mesh we offer made from six-gauge steel wire perfect for areas requiring increased security and control.
  • Welded Wire Mesh - Wire mesh made from 10-gauge steel wire that is lighter in weight but just as sturdy and strong.
The wired security partition system includes the following components and features:
  • Modular, stackable panels that provide the flexibility to create any layout
  • Strong, sturdy support posts with welded baseplates to allow direct floor anchoring
  • Clear-span, non-load bearing ceiling panels that can be added without altering the layout
  • Variety of security doors and windows that seamlessly integrate with any panel and post
  • Standard and custom locks provide controlled access to secured areas
  • RackBack® Enclosures create a sturdy barrier to provide extra security and prevent inventory from falling

WIRECRAFTERS Wire partitioning

Advanced Equipment partners with Wirecrafters for welded wire partition products for use in a multitude of applications. We offer a solution for any application that requires a secure partition.

Here a few of the examples that we offer our clients:

Server Security Storage Cages
Wired Security Storage Lockers
Remove weak access and vulnerable security points using wire partitions to design and customize the perfect solution for your data center, server farm, and other technical areas. Secure and separate network servers and expensive computer equipment by dividing an entire hosting facility with easily reconfigurable partition panels.
DEA Drug Storage Cages
DEA Drug Storage Cages
Construct physically secure, in-plant storage areas that exceed strict DEA requirements, which makes them ideal for restricting access and securely storing drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other controlled substances. Features include self-closing and self-locking doors, heavy-duty wire mesh walls and ceiling panels, and panels that mount flush to the floor.
Driver Access Cages
Wire Partitions for Security Lockers & Cages
Driver and business access cages are a simple, cost-effective way to increase security and safety at your warehouse, distribution center, factory, and other facility applications. Use the wire partition system to create access cages to help monitor and control building access, protect employees and visitors from high-traffic and dangerous areas, and regulate access to storage and inventory.
Evidence Storage Enclosures & Secured Storage Areas
Wire Partitions for Security Lockers & Cages
A wire mesh partition system is ideal for creating secured storage areas and enclosures for evidence lockup, controlled-access storage rooms, and inventory control. This flexible modular design system allows you to easily create secured storage areas in an existing room or building, or design and install a self-contained secured storage enclosure.
Temporary Holding Cells
The versatile wire partition system allows you to build secure holding cells in police stations, correctional facilities, courthouses, and anywhere a detainee must be held. This modular system allows for easy installation and reconfiguration to change layout to meet facility needs using the existing partitions. Heavy duty options are available for facilities requiring enhanced security.
RackBack® Safety Panels
Wire Partitions for Security Lockers & Cages
These wire mesh panels bolt directly to the back of your existing pallet rack uprights creating a sturdy barrier between stored items and the ground below.
Style 840 Wire Partitions
Style 840 Wire Partitions
Style 840 Woven Wire Partitions can be used to build free standing secured storage enclosures, security cages, machine guards, or to divide large buildings into smaller sections.
Tool Cribs & Equipment Cages
Style 840 Wire Partitions
Easily create tool cribs and equipment cages ideal for securely storing all types of equipment, inventory, and products within a facility. Create a secure storage ares of all sizes to control the access and distribution of expensive tools and equipment.
Woven & Welded Wire Mesh
WireCrafters automated weaving techniques and mesh welding plants allow us to produce high quality woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh at economical prices.
Tenant Storage Lockers
Wired Security Storage Lockers
Tenant storage lockers are an ideal way to secure residents’ personal items in common storage areas within a building. The storage lockers add efficiency and organization to cluttered or unused storage space.
Advanced Equipment offers turn-key installations, with factory trained personnel to accomplish the tough projects that require multiple custom, “Cut and Fit” requirements. Specifically, we specialize in the Server & Colocation Cages.
  • Server cages are perfect for securing and separating network servers and expensive computer equipment.
  • System is easy to reconfigure as needs change
  • Above and below the computer access floor installation
  • Above and below the panel roof installation
  • Security door ID verification systems also available for access
Advanced Equipment has the expertise and knowledge to secure even the most aggressive security requirements in the data industry. We supply everything from the standard Co-Location cage to a fully secure slab to slab partition. Let our experienced staff take the worries out of your customer’s need for a full height slab to slab secure partition with full enclosure. We can also provide solid doors with electrified lock sets from the factory for the highest security requirements. With quick lead times and fast mobilization of installation crews, Advanced Equipment can deliver on customer requirements in an efficient manner to allow secure compartmentalization of network servers.

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