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Industrial Mezzanine Warehouse Systems
Wildeck custom-designed mezzanines assemble quickly with the simplicity of "erector set" construction to form rugged, high-load-bearing overhead levels. Special steel components engineered for warehouse mezzanine systems lock together to form a strong, unitized structure. Heavy-duty columns provide rigid support, eliminating obstructing bracing and providing maximum flexibility of movement and utilization of the lower level. Now you can fully utilize existing overhead space and gain valuable working, office, storage or manufacturing areas at a lower cost than new construction. Also, you are able to put this space to work fast with minimal interruption to your working floor area.

Versatility of custom warehouse mezzanine systems offers a choice of optional accessories to match your needs-railings, stairs, landings, swing gates, sliding gates, types of decking and more. And the structure can be expanded to meet future requirements.

Wildeck has been a pioneer in the development of custom warehouse mezzanines with a solid reputation for products that have been engineered to the highest standards. Thousands of warehouse mezzanine systems are in use today-in warehouses, industrial plants, institutions, retail stores and government facilities. This is an assurance that your Wildeck mezzanine will give you extra space at a moderate cost, with superior quality throughout.

A Wildeck system provides the most cost-effective mezzanine based on load, size, span or height requirements. Rugged steel construction provides all the strength and rigidity needed for more efficient office, production, storage needs or industrial mezzanine warehouse systems. These systems also integrate well into existing systems in your facility.
AEC specializes in systems integration to meet your business needs.

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