Activated Roller Belt Conveyor Equipment

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Activated Roller Belt Conveyor Equipment
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An activated roller belt conveyor provides a future-ready, flexible solution that increases productivity, simplifies operations, reduces footprint, requires less maintenance, preserves product quality, eliminates downtime, and lowers total operating costs.
Because it is possible to move conveyed items selectively, Activated Roller Belt™ conveyor equipment can change the direction, alignment, position, location, and speed of an item without assistance from other sensors or mechanical controls. Omni Metalcraft’s ARB conveyor equipment combines patented design technology with Intralox’s revolutionary technology to transform basic conveyor systems into a full scale, automated material handling solution for various industries, including distribution and fulfillment centers, warehouses, manufacturing assembly and production lines, food processing, and more.
Activated Roller Belt Conveyor Equipment
Features of an Activated Roller Belt Conveyor
Omni Metalcraft activated roller belt conveyors feature a simple design that drastically reduces footprint while redefining flexibility and efficiency by providing numerous material handling functions in a single machine. An ARB conveyor can eliminate other costly machines to simplify controls and increase both operating efficiency and productivity. Also, they generally require little maintenance, eliminate unnecessary operating and labor costs, and reduce downtime by eliminating product damage, jams, and catch points. Finally, an activated roller belt conveyor can handle a large number of items in various sizes without compromising accuracy, product quality, and precision.
Benefits of ARB Conveyor Equipment:
  • Gently and accurately orient and positions items every time to reduce damage and jams
  • Precisely align items of all sizes within a minimal footprint
  • Accurately and reliably merge an unlimited number of infeed lines
  • Seamlessly divert single or multiple infeed lines to multiple outfeed lines
  • Effectively sort virtually any item within a minimal footprint at a high rate while protecting product quality
  • Intuitively designed to be future-ready and handle the next generation of packages and products
  • Selectively turns products without touch and then divides them into infinite lanes with less changeover time
  • Effectively reject, turn, and lane items prior to tray loading to help reduce footprint and downtime
Let Advanced Equipment Company design and install an Omni Metalcraft conveyor for a worry‑free, cost‑effective material handling solution for moving, orienting, and controlling your products and goods.
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