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Advanced Equipment offers certified Damotech pallet rack repair services for warehouses and industrial clients.
Versatility and flexibility are the key words in describing selective rack. Versatility when your storage needs require access to a large variety of items. Flexibility of design when you appreciate the advantages of no wasted space.

Starting with our exclusively tubular components, selective rack systems are created from three basic products: load beams, upright trusses and row spacers. Add a broad family of accessories and you can customize our systems to your specific products and needs. Accessories like pallet supports, wire mesh decks and dividers, drum and roll cradles, column protectors and fork entry bars.
Speedrack's patented Cant-Leg® uprights provide further safety and flexibility by recessing the front column away from the aisle. This not only substantially reduces damage from lift trucks, but improves productivity by allowing wider turns at higher speeds. Add our Super Truss® columns to the ends of aisle to make them super safe.
Along with the patented tri planar connection, Speedrack offers uprights and beams with teardrop and keystone connections to match existing components.

Selective rack products are also available with structural uprights, beams and components. Structural rack products are ideal for heavy duty applications and designs in food storage or clean room applications. Structural uprights can be utilized with either structural or roll formed beams to achieve the optimum combination of strength, value and flexibility.

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