Custom Solutions for NorthAmCon Conveyer Systems

AEC can install complete NorthAmCon 24v conveyers, controls and options. Below are also some special solution products. Call our experts to discuss your specific application.

24V Silo Conveyors for vertical accumulation of round products – helps mitigate elevation differences while minimizing floor space requirements. These silos maximize your throughput and are custom designed and installed for your exact requirements.

Narrow Belts over Motorized Driven Roller Conveyors may be custom- configured into zero pressure accumulation and transportation conveyors for cost saving and special applications.

Multi-tier High Density Accumulation Conveyor ideal for delivery and take-away applications. Also used in product inspection when delivered on conveyors of different heights. Custom designed for each application.

Helical Conveyors for Open Box Filling custom conveyors ideally used for product inspection and filling by operators.

Troughed Conveyors – V Conveyors Cylindrical products may be challenging to move or accumulate. These troughed conveyors move products at arrange of speeds damage-free using a 24V motor.

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