Hybrid Push Back Racking Project Maximize Warehouse Storage Capacity and Flow

 09 Mar 2016   Advanced Equipment Co.

Hybrid Push Back Racking

The challenge:

A global foods manufacturer decided to relinquish their 3rd party logistics contract in favor of performing their own distribution. After leasing a new warehouse the manufacturer contacted Advanced Equipment to design a custom racking system. Their challenge was to create a rack system with maximum pallet density while ensuring the most efficient storage and retrieval times. A footprint of 63,000 square feet was required. Our challenge was to design, engineer, permit and further install the project, complete turnkey.

The solution:

Advanced Equipment Company Inc. was able to provide a custom-engineered hybrid racking system. The hybrid system utilized high-density push back rack and drive in lanes to create the system. The pallets would be stacked 2 high on each level: ground level to be drive in racking, 2 subsequent levels were to be push-back racking. Both the drive in lanes and push back lanes were to be 5 pallets deep. .After performing a statistical analysis to evaluate efficiency, AEC found that the hybrid system that was proposed was 38.25% more efficient (faster) in storage and retrieval times than solely drive in racking within the same layout. This system allowed for 1,620 individual pallet pick faces all the while only having a total of (4) 12’ travel aisles! After the 10 weeks of manufacture time, the 800,000 lbs. of material were installed in less than 30 days. The system is up and running much to the enjoyment of the operations team of the foods manufacturer.

The results:

The hybrid racking system accomplished an astounding 14,680 pallet positions with the customer’s footprint of 63,000 square feet. The customer has reported that their ROI will be less than one year after completion of the system due to performing their own distribution and the operational efficiencies created by the new industrial racking system. Another job well done by the Advanced Equipment Team!


Devlynn Gates
Regional Sales Manager
Advanced Equipment Co., Inc.


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