Anatomy of In-Plant Offices

Anatomy of a Portafab Building

Anatomy of a Portafab Building

1. 3068 20 Ga. Steel Door - 13/4" thick, comes pre-hung in frame; shown with optional glazing.

2. Cornice Mold - sturdy aluminum construction, either anodized or painted; provides handsome finished appearance.

3. Fixed Window - 1/4" thick tempered safety glass; comes pre-glazed in aluminum window frame.

4. Corrugated Steel Dust Cover - 22 ga. ribbed steel is 1 1/2" deep; painted and cut to length.

5. 2' x 4' Light Fixture - includes 4-lamp light fixture with acrylic lens. (Bulbs not included).

6. Acoustical Lay-in Ceiling - consists of prepainted metal grid and lay-in acoustical, noncombustible white fissured mineral board.

7. Exhaust Fan - powerful exhaust fan located in ceiling.

8. Air Conditioning Unit - wall-mounted units provide cool environment for any size office (available in several BTU capacities); optional heat available too.

9. Fire & Sound Panels - see pages 22-23 for specifications.

10. Hardboard w/Honeycomb panel - includes 1/8" vinyl hardboard laminated to both sides of kraft honeycomb core.

11. Thermal Panel - includes 1/8" vinyl hardboard laminated to both sides of polystyrene insulating core.

12. Steel Floor Track - sturdy channel holds walls securely in place.

13. Corner Post

14. Duplex Receptacle - can be located in any wiring stud.

15. Wiring Stud - permits the installation of electrical service vertically and accepts standard electrical boxes.

16. Brown Vinyl Base - screw-on type is easily removable with no exposed screws or fasteners.

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