Conveyor Accessories



Selection Process

  • Determine series of leg support needed based on supports listed in the conveyor’s catalog page or by locating the conveyor model in the left-side chart below that it will attach to.
  • Determine the support size needed by taking the required dimension from the floor to top of conveying surface and subtracting the conveyor height. Find the appropriate min/max range.

Example: The model BS100B belt conveyor uses an SMS floor support per the specification on its catalog page. You can also find it in the left-side charts below. In this same chart you can also find that the conveyor height from bottom of frame to top of conveying surface for the BS100B is 4 1/8". If customer requires a 36" TOB, this would yield a 31 7/8" TOL (36" – 4 1/8"). Looking at the right-side chart for the SMS floor support, you find that an SMS-6 will accommodate 23 5/8" to 35 5/8".


  • Solid Side Guide
  • Adjustable Channel
  • Fixed Angle
  • Fixed Channel

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